Friday, May 7, 2010

I hate grading math tests

You look at some math tests and you think, "This student needs to take more care with his work." You look at some other math tests and you think, "This student has difficulty with her spatial imagination." And you look at still other math tests and you say, "This student is a raving lunatic."


  1. Or, if it's your own kid's math test, you can look at it and say, Oh, no, I'm a failure as a human being, life is hopeless, why do I even bother, I'm going to see if we have any of that chocolate ice cream left.

  2. You are quite the enjoyable read. Write on.

  3. Thanks, audiere. Unfortunately for this blog but fortunately for my mental health, I have quit the teaching job. One of these days I will have to write an official goodbye post.